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nd bustle, let the frag

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Registreringsdatum: 17 januari 2019
Inlägg: 53

InläggPostat: tis nov 05, 2019 9:45    Rubrik: nd bustle, let the frag Svara med citat

Positive energy, a word of radiant light, a torch with a flame of flames, a red flag fluttering in the wind, burning around us, fluttering, it motivates people to go to a bright future, make life full of happiness and Beautiful. Let positive energy bloom in the hearts of each of us! Positive energy, letting people spread the seeds of love in the world, spring blossoms. I still remember that the girl Xiaoyue Yue was crushed by the car and kneeled on the side of the road. There were 18 people who walked indifferently. If they were not seen, what kind of indifference and trust crisis? If everyone is like this, then the whole society is a cage of darkness and coldness, and the lack of positive energy makes the city's glory lost. Fortunately, it was just a shadow in the sun. Soon after an ordinary afternoon in Guangzhou, a child accidentally stumbled on the window sill and lived on the line Marlboro Red. The passerby Zhou Yang ignored the safety and resolutely climbed the security net. Ten minutes, saved the young life, let the flowers of positive energy scent. Positive energy, let the struggle play the music of life, majestic and passionate. Wong Haha Group's general manager Zong Qinghou's female Zong Lili, never satisfied with the title of the second generation of Fu, struggled hard, created a career of their own day, and entered the Forbes Asian version of the business women's top 50, let the positive energy The notes are light and dancing, and the music is created. The chilling Star II Li Tianyi crime incident caused social criticism and the people's deep thoughts. When the negative roots grow in the chest, it will fall into the abyss. We don't want to let the tragedy repeat itself. The eviction of negative energy should be beaten with the bamboo whip of the will, and the messy dust of the heart will be washed away. Positive energy, let the mother embrace the motherland with enthusiasm, and be sensible. In the Sino-Japanese Diaoyu Islands incident, some Chinese citizens were filled with indignation, playing the banner of fishing, driving around, and injuring themselves. This is a misunderstanding of patriotism, a distortion of justice, and a transformation of this beautiful positive energy malformation. For the loss of rational negative energy. We need to be as clear as Li Zhao Newport 100S, so that we can be sober and patriotic and rational. Li Zhao holds the cardboard of ��Bringing the car ahead, turning the Japanese head��, let us see the positive energy. He tells us by action that the difference between the force and the violence makes the flame of positive energy bloom and devour the darkness We need positive energy, whether it is to help others out of danger, or to encourage themselves to fight or defend the dignity of the motherland, the existence of positive energy, no matter how many bright colors are added in every corner. Acting, friends, empty mouth shouting positive energy is not as good as it is, let it bloom in its own hustle and bustle, let the fragrance linger in all directions, melt the ice of the soul, dispel the haze of humanity, and wrap our world.
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